The American black Hereford Association was formed in 1994.  It's founder was John Gage, former cattle breeder and an attorney.  John's law practice specialized in representing livestock breed associations.  It was his idea to create a Black Hereford using the same methods employed by the Salers, Gelbvieh, Limousin, and Simmental breeders to turn those breeds black.

"3025" One of the breeds top bulls, owned by Wild Rose Ranch in Red Bluff, California
In 1997, the first registered Black Hereford bull was born on John Gage's Blue Jacket Farm near Eudora, Kansas.  He was named BJH Balder 7504.  It was John's belief that balanced EPDs were important and that only the highest rated Hereford bulls could be used in this new breed.  Recently, the ABHA published EPDs on the cattle on it's registry.  BJH Balder 7504 had the following EPDs:
M & G
     This first bull and his progeny have served the new breed well.  On June 6, 2000, John Gage died after fighting cancer, never knowing the impact his cattle breeding idea  would have on the beef industry.  Today there are 17 breeders in 10 States. 
The association headquarters is located in Leavenworth, Kansas.  It's president, Joe Hoagland of J&N ranch, puts it this way; "It is all about color you can count on.  These are Hereford cattle that are black instead of red.  If you use a Black Hereford bull on black hided cows you will get only black baldies - no red baldies.  With 70% of  the nations cowherd black, this is not a passing fad.  Black baldies top the market  while red baldies off the same cow herd are sold off separately for less.  Why not eliminate that discount?"
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